Changing rooms

I have been very aware, for some time now, that the small room at the top of the stairs, where I kept my fabric, sewing machines, embroidery machines, projects (both in progress and finished), cottons, ribbons and all the other paraphernalia that goes with having a love of all things fabric, was becoming a little cramped. With every order of new fabric, my elbow room was being compromised.

Fortunately for me, crunch point in my small craft room coincided with my youngest daughter moving out into her own home - leaving a slightly larger, ground floor space for me to move in to. Many close family members and friends have pointed out that I could have perhaps waited a week or so after she moved out, before I starting moving in - but in my opinion, the timing was perfect and no sooner had she packed her last box of possessions, than I was filling holes and masking the skirting board ready for painting. A day or two later and the paint was dry and I started the move.

Now, I'm not shy to admit that I do have something of a fabric addiction, in fact, you've probably heard me refer to it more than once or twice on my various social media sites - but even I was a little surprised at just how much there was and how long it took me to relocate it all.

It actually took me a number of days to get sorted but I write to you today from a small corner of my lovely new room. Every bolt of fabric now has its place on a shelf, where it can sit alongside its fellow collections - all easy to see and get at. How I managed before I'll never know - but luckily, my 'small' dilemma was only ever witnessed by family and a few close friends.

I don't proclaim to be 'a shop' in the High Street sense of the word, but now my fabrics are organised enough for me to run my online presence more easily and also be able to offer an opportunity for those close by or in the area, that would like to 'see and touch' the real thing, to pop in and see for themselves, the fabrics I have.

I must highlight the fact that I'm not a 'shop' so won't have set opening hours, but if you would like to pop along you can message, text or phone me and I will be happy to let you know where I am and when I'm about.

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