Change of season brings new collections

We have had a fabulous Summer here and although the very unusual temperatures didn't suit everyone, and particularly our English gardens, it cannot be denied its been one to remember; but as Autumn approaches ... and it seems to be just around the corner, with the trees hanging on to the last of their green, it also heralds the start of a plentiful supply of new collections from the fabric designers. Just this week we have taken delivery of three new ones; City Nights ... a collection from Lewis & Irene, inspired by the City and more specifically, London. Lights twinkling from tall buildings and the bustling roads with their shiny black cabs.

Another from L & I is The Water Meadows ... a delightful follow up to their successful 'Down by the River' but this time with a more Autumnal feel, featuring Water Vole and Dragonflies and a murmuration of Starlings with colours that depict the Autumn sunsets.

From another Design House, Makower UK, we have 'Kimono' and as it's name suggests this is a very Japanese inspired collection with cranes, koi carp and a beautiful panel featuring ladies in their finest kimonos. The collection is full of metallic elements, giving the fabrics a luxurious feel.

These are just the beginning of the collections due to appear in the shops as the evenings draw in, but darker evenings give us a little more time to do what we love, sewing ... be it crafting, dressmaking, quilting or home decor. Take a moment or two to look at the lovely new collections ...... what would you make with them?