New Year - new projects?

With the Christmas festivities all but behind us, just the decorations to take down on 12th night, it's a New Year and time to look forward to what 2019 will bring. Of course, we all hope for a year of good health and happiness - that should go without saying, but what else do you want the year to bring?

I spent New Year's Day playing in my sewing room - I had seen a wall hanging, somewhere on the internet, I wanted to have a go at. I don't remember where I had seen it - but loved it and had a very clear image in my head as to how it looked and how I would achieve it. I chose the fabrics, put together the colour combinations and then cut the fabric into fairly non-precise strips - now you may think you can see where this is going - but no, it all went fairly to plan (I did have to cut larger sizes of two colours but no real dramas).

I then started the piecing of the strips, sizing and squaring up the hanging, cut the batting and backing fabrics, pinned it together and started the quilting process. Simple, straight lines is all that was required but I had been working on it most of the day and like most projects they always take longer than expected. It was getting dark outside and the kitchen beckoned for me to make a start on the evening meal - a glance in the fridge would help in that direction - nothing fancy planned as we were still recovering from the Christmas gluttony.

I removed the WIP from my machine and laid it carefully on my cutting desk ...... it was at this point I realised what it was I was hoping for from the year ahead ......

I started this project with gusto. Excited at the prospect of starting something new and watching it grow and develop .... but ..... I have a number of similar projects in the same state - started but unfinished. Why had I started something new? I have so many projects 'on the go'. All put aside because I had run out of time, had an appointment or chore to attend to. The enthusiasm somehow wains if you have to stop and put something aside, even for a short while. I accept I may be jumping the gun here a little, as it is only the 2nd January - so my hanging has only been left for 24 hours, but already it seems to sit unloved in the corner - not quite yet in the box of UFP's but it's not far away.

My realisation for the New Year, perhaps we could even regard this as my New Year's Resolution ...... to finish the projects I have started in 2018 (and possibly even earlier). Make every project something to be loved and enjoyed - after all, I started them all with that same enthusiasm and gusto that I started this one. So, before I pick up any new fabric, pattern or idea I WILL finish this project and then make a start on some of the others patiently awaiting my attention. Watch this space and see if my resolution holds true :-)