It seems a little early ...

... to be talking Christmas even before we have hit the dizzy heights of an English Summer - but its never too early to prepare for it. The Christmas season can be a hectic time and especially for those who love to make their own gifts and decorations. As an online supplier of fabric I was having to think about Christmas 2017 long before we had celebrated the 2016 one - which seems madness, but I placed my first order for Christmas fabrics back in November 2016.

Of course, they don't arrive in the shops until about May/June but since we are fast approaching May I am expecting the main deliveries of seasonal fabric to arrive any day soon.

I have, in fact, received a number of panels and advent calendars already - and with sales increasing it is clear some people like to be prepared.

With that in mind, and for those of you who are organised and thinking ahead - I have found this 'How to Make' tutorial for the Scandi 2017 Garland panel which I thought might be helpful.

The panels are in stock - so if you're inspired, why not give it a go!!

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